about me


name: dr_cola

barthday: july 7

fav color: blue

I enjoy reading manga and webtoons, watching YouTube videos, playing Dwarf Fortresses and Space Station 14, and building Bandai model kits.

fav youtubers: Vinesauce Vinny, Vinesauce Joel, filthy frank, AVGN, Solar Sands, J.J. McCullough, Xploshi, Nitro Rad, Dr Bob

fav movies and tv shows: fear and loathing in las vegas, Moon Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1-2, Futurama

fev video games: Hylics 1 and 2, Lisa the painful, doom entail, cypherpunk 2077, dwarf fortresses, space station 14

I have a cat named Pixel