Behold the holy Ten Septillion king of yeek lands

the king of yeek

Meet the magnificent king of the Yeek nation, ruling over the prosperous land of Good Vita. He possesses the awesome power to make everyone dance and has traveled to numerous places, both near and far. Within his kingdom, the people can witness the sight of the fifth moon, known for bringing joy and amusement.

the flag of yeek lands

the flag of yeek

national anthem of the kingdom of yeek

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story from yeek lands

yeek tell no 1

yeek tell no 1
The Queen of Yeek possesses the power of the great queen of nations. She desires to witness the fantastic dances of kings, including the glorious dance of the seven gods and the bravest dance of kings. It has been 20,000 years since she has seen these dances, which surpass the fantastical shadow dance of Yeek. However, she finally experiences these dances for the first time when she witnesses the magnificent dance of kings performed by the invincible and lovely nation. The Supreme Lord of Yeek is overjoyed and dances along as he discovers the fantastic art of the kings' dances.

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yeek tell no 2

yeek tell no 2
Once, the King of Good set out with a group of men, including a strong king and a few skilled rock climbers. The King of Good and his team attempted to untangle the twisted wires of the King of Bad, with the help of some crooked wire specialists. However, despite their best efforts and expertise, they were unable to unravel the King of Bad's complex web of wires. The King of Good found himself in a dire situation as he struggled to break free from the sticky wires. He soon realized that he was surrounded by many other kings of bad, each with their own tangled webs of wires. The sheer number of crooked wires overwhelmed the King of Good, and he was forced to resort to using a crooked wire of his own.

dr cola · yeek tell no 2:Once the king of yeek